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Cole Hamrick

Our PCFC journey began when we realized our son, Cole, had outgrown the local recreation league. He had a lot of natural ability and always did very well, but he wasn’t being challenged and his skills and techniques weren’t being further developed. He needed someone that could take his talent to the next level. My husband and I knew nothing about soccer, but were determined to get him the help he needed. We were fortunate enough to be put in touch with Coach Shane Bell. Cole started as one of the weaker players and had to work hard to catch up. Coach Shane never gave up on him and neither did the rest of the team. Cole has since aged out of PCFC, but not before Coach Shane arranged opportunities to guest play with two top-tier teams. Not only was my son able to jump in on practices with those established top-tier teams effortlessly due to what he learned at PCFC, but he was also offered permanent spots on both after one practice. Cole still trains with Coach Shane as often as his club schedule will allow. He attends Summer Clinics each year and Personal Trainings during the Winter break. Cole values his time with Shane and is always rejuvenated after their sessions. My husband and I are so thankful for all that he has poured into our son. We consider him part of our village in raising Cole to not only excel in soccer, but also in life as he is learning more than just soccer out on that field. Coach Shane is vested in Cole’s goals and dreams and checks on him regularly. I cannot say enough good things about Coach Shane and the PCFC.

– ReAnna Hamrick