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Davis Stamps

Davis began playing soccer when he was 4 years old. During his second recreation season, he was placed on Shane Bell’s team. A lot of dads coach during this age group, so we didn’t know that Coach Shane was not your typical volunteer coach. Davis was taught true soccer skills and began enhancing his soccer IQ at a young age. He loved the game and being challenged to excel.

Over the seasons, Davis continued training under Coach Shane. The kids had good chemistry with each other. When our team seemed to be doing too well, that is when Coach Shane would give them a new challenge. We began entering tournaments in more advanced brackets, sometimes against older players. Our team would hit the pitch facing kids almost a foot taller. They were never scared nor intimidated. At the end of the game, whether a tight finish or a blowout (not in our favor), our kids walked off the field with their heads held high. Coach Shane always told us that he didn’t care if the kids won. Winning was not of importance, but development was. “Trust the process,” he said.

The process instilled throughout Davis’s youth soccer years has helped him as he has moved into state league play. One of the most noted compliments we have received about Davis is how calm he can remain during game-changing moments and not let a big play disturb “his game”. I believe the ability to play through tough situations was instilled through Coach Shane’s training technique.

Davis’s younger brother, Parker, now plays soccer too. We have enjoyed watching Parker develop under Coach Shane as well. He has played from keeper to forward. The kids have learned the game from all positions, which makes them more versatile players. We are excited to see where Parker’s soccer career takes him after PCFC.

We are big fans of PCFC! The talent that has developed through this club is amazing! We won the soccer lottery when Davis was placed under Coach Shane Bell all those years ago. So glad we can choose for Parker to learn under him at PCFC!

– Jennifer Stamps