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Elevating Our Game: A Clear Goal in Sight

As we forge ahead with our ambitious journey to install state-of-the-art lighting for our fields, our target is crystal clear: raising $20,000. This goal is ambitious but entirely achievable with the continued support and generosity of our community. Attaining this will not only enhance our facilities but also allow us to host evening matches and events, marking a critical advancement for Pell City FC’s growth and our ability to better serve the community. We warmly invite everyone to participate in this transformative project, as every contribution edges us closer to realizing our dreams and affirming our club’s status as a pillar of excellence and community spirit in Pell City.

Illuminating Our Ambitions: The Path Forward

9v9 and 7v7 field lighting layout

We have secured our detailed layout plan for the new lighting on our 7v7 and 9v9 fields, reflecting our commitment to offering facilities of a professional caliber and enhancing the enjoyment of our players and fans. Adhering to Class IV level of play requirements, this plan will ensure our fields are beautifully illuminated, improving playability and the overall spectator experience. We are profoundly thankful for the donations received to date, over $9,500, and encourage ongoing contributions as we strive to reach our $20,000 target. Your support is an investment in the dreams of every player who steps onto our fields and in the future of Pell City FC.

A Lush Legacy: The Science Behind Our Superior Surface Goals

Our mission to cultivate a premier playing surface is deeply rooted in agricultural science, ensuring that our fields are not only visually stunning but enduringly robust. The heavy application of lime and gypsum plays a crucial role in optimizing soil pH, fostering an environment where Bermuda grass thrives. Lime elevates soil alkalinity—a boon for grass growth—while gypsum enhances soil structure, facilitating better water infiltration and root expansion. The strategic addition of 20 tons of sand is pivotal in this transformation, leveling the playing field, enhancing drainage, and promoting vigorous grass growth. This meticulous approach to field treatment promises a playing surface that embodies our dedication to excellence.

While I might sound like an expert in agricultural science and field management, the truth is, this knowledge comes from a combination of extensive research and consultations with specialists far more versed in these matters than myself. It’s been a journey of learning, guided by the expertise of professionals who’ve generously shared their wisdom and insights to direct our efforts. Trust me, getting our fields to this level of excellence involved leaning heavily on the guidance of those much smarter in the field, ensuring that every step we took was informed and effective.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Rosco Taylor of Working Class Auto and Diesel for his instrumental role in procuring and delivering the sand essential for our fields’ enhancement. His commitment to not only securing but also aiding in the distribution of this foundational material underscores the invaluable support we receive from our community members.

Signage That Speaks Volumes

Sign mockup before production

The unveiling of our new club sign marks a significant milestone for Pell City FC, enhancing our visibility and embedding our presence within the community. Generously sponsored by Matt and Jennifer Stamps of 1st Street Pharmacy and expertly installed by Justin Smith of Big Smith’s Remodeling, this sign is more than a marker—it’s a testament to our club’s identity, ambition, and the inclusive spirit that defines us. Measuring an impressive 16 feet wide and standing 12 feet off the ground, the sign not only demands attention but proudly proclaims our affiliation with Hoover Vestavia Soccer (HVS), highlighting the comprehensive player pathways we offer. Designed to cater to both boys and girls in our Academy, it underscores our commitment to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for growth within the sport.

The sign stands as an open invitation to the community, symbolizing a club united by a love for soccer and a commitment to excellence at all levels. In the near future, we will be adding an additional row beneath the main display to honor our top sponsors and showcase our league affiliations, ensuring our partners receive the recognition they deserve. Furthermore, to ensure our message is clear and visible even in the evening hours, we are installing solar lights to illuminate the sign, making it a beacon for soccer enthusiasts and community members alike, day or night. This thoughtful addition is not just about visibility; it’s a reflection of our forward-thinking approach and our dedication to making Pell City FC a landmark of community pride and sporting excellence.

Pell City FC Making an Impact at the High School Level

Coach Tucker

The positive influence of Pell City FC on the local high school soccer scene is undeniable, as vividly illustrated by Coach Logan Tucker’s endorsement: “Pell City FC is making a huge difference for our high school soccer program. The players coming from the club have solid skills, soccer IQ, and a real love for the game.” This synergy between club and school is not merely about playing soccer; it’s about forging the future of the sport in our community, raising the level of the high school program, and enriching the broader community. Thanks to the foundational efforts at Pell City FC, the future of soccer in our community looks bright with promise and potential.