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Ethan Hernani

“Do you just want to win or do you want Ethan to be a good soccer player?”

Like many parents, we had Ethan try various sports to find his passion. He gravitated towards soccer, showing considerable potential in his first season. Coach Bell, after observing one of Ethan’s games, invited him to practice with PCFC. We were initially hesitant to leave our comfort zone, where Ethan was already doing well with his established team. Coach Shane’s question about our aspirations for Ethan prompted us to reconsider. Knowing Shane’s dedication to soccer, we decided to give PCFC a trial run.

It quickly became clear that the training at PCFC was on a different level, and the talent there stretched beyond what we had experienced. We soon committed to joining. The journey wasn’t easy, but it significantly bolstered Ethan’s character, benefits that extended beyond the soccer field. Coach Shane focused on Ethan’s development, not merely wins and losses. Every game was just a game, the focus was the opportunity for improvement, learning, and reflection, with the score being a secondary concern.

In just a few years, Ethan progressed to try out for a top-tier club and has played in the National Premiere League for three years. The character development he gained at PCFC has been as influential as his soccer skill development. The mantra “trust the process” is easier said than done, but seeing Ethan’s growth has given us confidence. Our second son, Elias, is now embarking on the same journey with Coach Bell, Coach Womack, and PCFC. We trust the process, having witnessed its success with Shane’s players and now with Elias. Coach Bell provided Ethan with a solid soccer foundation. For anyone seeking more than just soccer, PCFC is the ideal choice.

– Jorel Hernani