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Katelyn McMorris

Katelyn’s soccer career began where most do, with parent coached rec. league.  Unfortunately for her, we were the “parent coaches”.  She had a fun year and quickly grew to love the sport, friends and the thrill of competition.  Katelyn showed promise, and we realized that she could benefit from someone that had a little more knowledge of the game.  This is where we were referred and introduced to Shane Bell (PCFC).  We were fortunate enough to join a co-ed team where Katelyn had seven great seasons playing for PCFC.  

Katelyn started PCFC having to relearn the basics of kicking the ball correctly. It was evident that the fundamentals were Shane’s priority.  She was taught that having a firm grasp on the basics was more important than fancy footwork or points on the scoreboard.  Shane focused on individual player development by identifying and correcting player weaknesses, while also honing and improving player strengths.  Katelyn quickly found her niche in defense and grew to be one of the toughest players on the field.  Her team often played all boys teams that were older, bigger and faster.  She, and the team, had to focus on teamwork, skill and grit to be able to overcome these obstacles.  The training and player development that PCFC provided made this team both competitive and impressive.   

The coaching Katelyn received at PCFC taught her a lot more than just soccer skills. They drilled into the players that there is a personal responsibility to being a part of a team. Being lazy or missing assignments costs the team, and not just the individual.  Expectations were that she showed up to practice and games, prepared to work.  Having all your gear was the job of the athlete, not mom and dad.  Being “coached” publicly after making mistakes provided Katelyn a mental toughness that is missing even in most adults.  The character traits she learned under Coach Shane, are evident in her school life, home life, as well as on the soccer field.   

The “Great Wall of Katelyn” continues to use the skills she learned at PCFC to consistently shut down opponents at the next level.  Since aging out of PCFC, she has continued her soccer career with Hoover Vestavia Soccer club, playing tough competition from surrounding states. The skills and techniques that she learned at PCFC made her transition to this top tier club effortless.  Coach Shane’s high expectations, player development and character building have helped groom Katelyn for whatever comes at her, on and off the field. 

– Stuart McMorris