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Kealynn and KrissyRay Dooley

I’m not quite sure where to start with our testimonial. I guess at the beginning: My daughters started playing soccer at ages 3 and 5. We began, as most families do, in the recreation program. My oldest daughter’s first year was a disaster, which prompted me to volunteer as a coach. With a lifetime of experience related to soccer that I could share with these kiddos, why not? For the first few years, this worked great for us! However, my girls and the kids I had been coaching were growing beyond my capabilities as a coach. They were dominating our recreation games, and development had plateaued with me as their coach.

Coach Bell had been training some of my athletes’ older siblings and invited my girls and team to a few of his training sessions. As a coach, I was reluctant… as a parent, I was ecstatic. From the very first training session with Coach Bell, these kids came alive. Over the next few months, I watched kids I had been coaching for years develop foundational skills that I had been trying to teach them all along. It became apparent that these kids, and other kids like them, needed PCFC and Coach Bell. My favorite thing about the whole scenario is that he wasn’t just about developing athletes; Shane took me under his wing and grew me as a coach. He allowed my passion for soccer, my team kids, and my girls a home within his program. His passion for soccer and his athletes is apparent in every aspect of PCFC.

After the first season with PCFC, I watched my oldest daughter go from a second-string B team player to a true value-added starter on the A-team roster. I was ecstatic for her, and her confidence was soaring. Shane never let her size or her gender affect how he coached her and used her on the field! However, my youngest daughter was struggling. She was the second youngest player on a predominantly boys’ team and she was having a hard time finding her groove. I spoke with Shane about her situation and threw around options with him, but he encouraged me to give it time. He asked me to give him time with her. He worked so patiently with her while still setting challenges and expectations. She was sassy every step of the way, but he didn’t mind the challenges she threw down. Ultimately, she was developing, and he encouraged me to be a little more understanding of her age gap and size difference. I am so beyond glad that I listened to Coach and watched her struggle become her passion. She is now a child who eats, sleeps, and breathes soccer!

Unfortunately, our third season with PCFC, due to a family tragedy, had us moving home to Georgia. My girls were absolutely devastated to lose Coach Bell. However, he tirelessly fielded my phone calls and helped me research clubs to find a fit for my girls. I was beyond nervous with them trying out for big competitive clubs, but going back to recreation ball was not an option for us. Shane and I spoke at length about the tryout process and what the girls should expect. He scolded me for worrying so much about my youngest not making a team anywhere because remember – she was developing slower in my eyes. Shane texted me as their tryouts got closer, wishing them luck and confirming that I would let him know the results in a few days.

Turns out, he got results in hours instead of days! Both of my girls were offered contracts to every club they tried out for on day 1 of tryouts. The skills, soccer IQ, and passion Shane had been pouring into my kids were apparent on that field, and the coaches raved about their level of skill! Shane was just as excited as we were when we shared the news because he invests a piece of himself into these players! He wants to see them succeed. My girls now play with comfortable confidence. They play with tenacity, respect, and determination, all coached into them in just a few seasons with Coach Bell! If I could have my kids playing for anyone, it would be Shane Bell – without a doubt. He believes in his athletes even when we as parents may have moments of doubt. He pushes them to their limits and won’t accept anything less than 100% of THEIR potential. My youngest daughter often refers to things Coach Bell taught her or told her, and it amazes me that even when I couldn’t see it, Shane could. My girls are thriving now, and we have PCFC & Coach Bell to thank for that! Give PCFC the chance to develop your athlete! It will astonish you; the talent Shane can unlock from your athlete, and you will not be disappointed!

– Aslan Dooley