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Lilly Ezelle

Lilly began her soccer journey at the age of 6, taking a brief hiatus for cheerleading and during the COVID period, but remained dedicated to soccer in every season. Aiming to secure a spot on her school team, we sought enhanced training opportunities and were recommended Shane’s summer program. Initially, the structured sessions seemed perplexing, but their purpose became clear as Lilly grew into a stronger, more confident player.

At the outset, Lilly felt intimidated, being new to the group. However, the welcoming and supportive atmosphere among the kids soon put her at ease. Her improvements were noticeable not only to me on the sidelines but also to Lilly herself. Transitioning from a recreational league and adjusting to Coach Shane’s corrections, she embraced the changes that honed her skills.

Throughout the summer, Lilly participated in all available sessions, leading to a remarkable transformation. Her newfound speed, enhanced ball control, and deeper understanding of positioning around the ball were evident. These improvements didn’t go unnoticed; her coaches and fellow parents were amazed at her progress, often using her as an example during team practices.

This past season was a testament to her growth, marked by two goals and an assist. Lilly’s own reflections on the camp were overwhelmingly positive. She credits Coach Shane for her increased confidence and skills on the field, particularly in scoring goals. Her performance has sparked curiosity among her team, leading to her recommending the camp to her friends.

While distance prevents us from joining Coach Shane’s FC team, we eagerly anticipate continuing with the summer camps. The experience has not only enhanced Lilly’s skills but also instilled a strong sense of self-assurance and control in her gameplay.

– Valerie Ezelle