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Olivia & Caleb Womack

I am delighted to provide this heartfelt testimonial for Coach Shane, who has had a profound and transformative influence on all three of my children’s soccer journeys – Makayla, Olivia, and Caleb. Coach Shane’s dedication and expertise have been instrumental in shaping their soccer careers and fostering their growth as individuals.

In addition to Olivia and Caleb, Coach Shane also coached my oldest daughter, Makayla. Although her time under his guidance was relatively short, Makayla will tell you that she learned more about soccer from Coach Shane than from any other coach she’s ever had. She went on to play for the Vestavia Hills Soccer Club and has been a valued member of the PCHS (Pell City High School) varsity soccer team since her freshman year.

Makayla Womack

What sets Coach Shane apart is his unwavering focus on the development of each individual player. He understands that every player is unique, and he tailors his coaching to bring out the best in each one. Coach Shane’s dedication to their personal growth and success goes beyond the pitch. He instills in them the values of leadership, character, and a deep love for the game.

Coach Shane’s coaching philosophy is rooted in his belief that personal development is paramount. He prioritizes the growth and progress of the individual player over the success of the club as a whole, a rare quality in the coaching world. This approach has resulted in not only exceptional soccer players but also well-rounded individuals who are poised to make a positive impact on and off the field.

The impact of Coach Shane’s coaching extends far beyond my family; it permeates through the entire Pell City FC community. His dedication to nurturing young athletes, fostering their character, and honing their soccer skills is truly commendable.

Coach Shane’s exceptional coaching abilities, unwavering commitment to player development, and dedication to personal growth have left an indelible mark on my children’s lives and soccer journeys. We are eternally grateful for the profound influence he has had on Olivia, Caleb, and Makayla’s success, character development, and passion for the game. I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Shane to anyone seeking top-notch soccer coaching and personal development for their children.

– Alisha Womack