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Summer Clincs

Get ready for a summer of soccer fun and learning! Our clinics cater to various skill levels, offering advanced training for youth aged 7-18 and beginner sessions for the little ones aged 4-6. It’s a perfect opportunity to improve soccer skills, make new friends, and experience the excitement of the game in a supportive and engaging environment. Join us for a summer where every kick counts and every player grows!

In our summer clinics, each age group will tackle a tailored set of topics, ensuring individual player development. For the 7-18 age group, we’ll focus on advanced skills like tactical gameplay, technical precision, and strategic thinking. Younger participants aged 4-6 will explore fundamental aspects such as basic ball control, teamwork, and game awareness in a fun and nurturing setting. These clinics are designed to elevate each player’s game, regardless of their starting point.

Technical (Skill) Development
Tactical Development
Physical Development
Mental Development

Igniting Passion & Confidence through Clinics

Our clinics are dedicated to more than just teaching soccer; they’re about kindling a deep love for the game, inspiring players to strive for their best, and igniting the confidence to surpass their perceived limits. We aim to provide an environment where young athletes not only hone their skills but also discover their inner strength and passion for soccer. This summer, join us for an experience that will not only improve your game but will also empower you to grow beyond boundaries and embrace the true spirit of the sport.


Why Summer Clinics Training

Professional Coaching

Certified and experienced coaches

Personalized attention to each player

Focus on technical and tactical skills

Positive and challenging environment

Comprehensive Training

Emphasis on skill development

Enhancing game understanding

Physical fitness and agility drills

Teamwork and sportsmanship

Fun and Engaging

Exciting drills and games

Encouraging creativity and confidence

Building lasting friendships

A memorable summer experience

Zinedine Zidane’s on Hard Work and Soccer

Zinedine Zidane, a legendary figure in soccer, once expressed the essence of hard work and dedication in the sport. He shared that his success was not just a stroke of luck but the result of relentless practice, playing with the ball from morning to night and continuously honing his skills. This dedication is a powerful reminder for young players that excellence in soccer comes with persistent training and a deep commitment to the game.

You can find more information about Zinedine Zidane, including his career achievements and contributions to soccer, on his Wikipedia page. Here’s the link: Zinedine Zidane Wikipedia.


Weekly Clinic Overview

Younger Age Group (Ages 4-6)

Dribbling – Focusing on small touches, tight spaces.

Ball Striking – Learning the essentials of passing.

Dribbling – Cuts, control, and acceleration.

Ball Striking – Building on the essentials of passing.

1v1 Attacking – Introducing simple moves.

Dribbling – Reinforcing dribbling skills.

Ball Striking – Training for power in strikes.

Older Age Group (Ages 7-18)

Dribbling – Enhancing skills in small touches and tight spaces.

Ball Striking – Techniques for passing and power.

Trapping – Mastering foot, thigh, chest, and first touch.

Passing – Emphasis on pace, accuracy, and receiving.

1v1 Attacking – Developing simple to complex skill moves.

Shielding/Aggression – Protecting the ball and aggression.

Defending – Understanding body position and space.

2024 Summer Clinic Agenda – Advanced Group

This Agenda is for ages 7-18. Each clinic session is 1.5 hours long. Sessions are à la carte or package deals can be purchased. Players should bring plenty of water, wear cleats and shin guards, and be ready to work hard! This is NOT A CAMP! We will work on Individual Skill Development!

Week 1Dribbling  
6/11 Session 1Small Touches, Tight Spaces
6/13 Session 2Cuts, Control, Acceleration
Week 2Trapping  
6/18 Session 1Foot, Thigh, Chest
6/20 Session 2Positive first touch trapping
Week 3Ball Striking  
6/24 Session 1For Passing
6/26 Session 2For Power
6/28 Session 3Getting the ball in the air!
Week 4Passing  
7/1 Session 1Pace and Accuracy, Receiving
7/3 Session 2Receiving and First Touch
7/5 Session 3Overlaps, Runs, Splits
Week 51v1 Attacking  
7/8 Session 1Simple Moves
7/10 Session 2More Complex
7/12 Session 3Advancing the skill moves.
Week 6Shielding/Aggression  
7/15 Session 1Shielding and Protecting the Ball
7/17 Session 2Building Aggression
7/19 Session 3Running through the Ball
Week 7Defending  
7/23 Session 1Body position & space
7/25 Session 21st, 2nd, 3rd defender

2024 Summer Clinic Agenda – Younger Group

This Agenda is for ages 4-6. Each clinic session is 1 hours long. Sessions are à la carte or package deals can be purchased. Players should bring plenty of water, wear cleats and shin guards, and be ready to work hard! This is NOT A CAMP! We will work on Individual Skill Development!

1Dribbling6/11Small Touches, Tight Spaces, Cuts, Control, Acceleration
2Ball Striking6/18For Passing
3Dribbling6/25Small Touches, Tight Spaces, Cuts, Control, Acceleration
4Ball Striking7/2For Shooting
51v1 Attacking7/9Simple Moves
6Defending7/16Defending Basics
71v1 Attacking7/23Simple Moves

Coach Shane Bell

With over 30 years of playing experience and more than 15 years of coaching under his belt, Shane’s commitment to soccer development is unwavering.

Growing up in Pell City, his family has a deep-rooted history in the community, with a strong connection to youth sports. Shane’s soccer journey began early, playing from age 4 through 19, including time with the Alabama Classics and Maryland UNITED.

Shane has made a significant impact as a coach, earning certifications in Youth Modules 1 and 2, as well as a National “D” Class License. Shane’s vision for Pell City FC reflects his desire to bring a high-quality program to the local community and leave a lasting legacy.



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Ryley transformed at Pell City FC, developing from a shy 8-year-old into a confident field leader under Coach Shane’s guidance. His resilience, technical skills, and leadership qualities flourished, proving the club’s effective training approach.


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Enrolling Justin in Pell City FC, we discovered a program that challenged and grew his skills. Personal training with Coach Bell led to significant improvements, culminating in Justin joining a top state team and the National Academy League.


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Coach Shane’s coaching profoundly impacted my children, leading Olivia to the DPL team and Caleb to MLS Next, highlighting his dedication to each player’s unique development and success in soccer and personal growth.



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